FTTH Council Europe! RSS Feed of FTTH Council Europe http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu <![CDATA[Free tickets to join Breko Fibre Fair!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/free-tickets-to-join-breko-fibre-fair!?news_id=3785 2017-04-18 BREKO Fibre Fair "Deploying fibre networks - and paving the way towards the Gigabit Society" will be held on 25-26 April 2017 in Frankfurt.

A number of free tickets are available for members of the FTTH Council Europe and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis! Send us an email to pr@ftthcouncil.eu if you are interested!

Please find further information on this BREKO in the invitation and/or website link below.

<![CDATA[Cost Study: Deploying FTTH throughout EU]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/cost-study-deploying-ftth-throughout-eu?news_id=3782 2017-04-12 The FTTH Council Europe today made public its 2017 study on the cost of deploying FTTH throughout the EU.

The results of the cost model indicate that €137 billion would be required to provide a complete overlay of the EU28 countries. This cost includes 100% homes passed and 50% connected (with 50% of the most remote 5% both passed and connected).

For more information, read the full study below and our Press Release here

<![CDATA[ Participate in the FTTH Cost model 2017 webinar! ]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/ participate-in-the-ftth-cost-model-2017-webinar! ?news_id=3777 2017-04-06 Do not miss our webinar on 19 May about the cost of deploying FTTH throughout the EU!

This webinar presents the study by Comsof for the FTTH Council Europe which estimates the cost of deploying FTTH throughout the EU. The headline result of the cost model indicates that €137 billion would be required to provide a complete overlay of the EU28 countries (excluding already built and including the effect of cost reduction). The webinar will describe the cost methodology used, the cost inputs and the main findings.

http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/ participate-in-the-ftth-cost-model-2017-webinar! ?news_id=3777
<![CDATA[Register for the European FTTH forecast webinar!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/register-for-the-european-ftth-forecast-webinar!?news_id=3776 2017-04-03 The webinar "European FTTH forecast, 2014-2019: Behind the numbers" will be held on 16 May 2017.


This webinar will discuss the latest forecast on the European FTTH market. Heavy Reading Analyst at Large Graham Finnie will give a detailed analysis of the further development of FTTH networks in the greater European region, including Russia and Turkey. The webinar will explain the thinking behind the forecast, setting out the key indicators used to generate the data. It will look at both the overall region covering 44 countries, and the EU region, explaining why the EU will have reached only 14% penetration at 2019, against 19% in the region as a whole. It will also look at developments in some key individual countries such as France, Germany, Russia and Spain, and analyse the differing contributions we are likely to see from incumbent telcos, competitive telcos and muni/utility operators in the different nations.

<![CDATA[Join our European FTTH Panorama webinar!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/join-our-european-ftth-panorama-webinar!?news_id=3775 2017-03-30 One week to go before the "European FTTH Panorama - updated figures at September 2016" webinar on 6 April 2017. Register now!

The latest FTTH market figures were unveiled at the FTTH Conference 2017 in Marseille. This webinar will give a detailed status on the FTTH/B market in Europe and will particularly discuss FTTH deployment and rollout in 2016 as well as the players involved and the used technologies.

The presentation will also include the latest update of the European FTTH/B ranking that reflects the status of fibre adoption in Europe.

Register now here for this webinar to ensure you get a full update of the FTTH/B market situation in Europe!

<![CDATA[FTTH coverage in Paris to reach 90% of households!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/ftth-coverage-in-paris-to-reach-90-of-households!?news_id=3774 2017-03-22 FTTH coverage in Paris by French operators reaches as nearly 90% of households in the city!

Orange said that the deployment of FTTH in Paris by French operators has come a long way over the last eleven years, as nearly 90 percent of households in the city are already, or will be shortly, covered by FTTH services. Overall, this represents 1.357 million homes having access to fibre broadband in the French capital.

 More information in the link below.

<![CDATA[FTTH Conference 2017's event report online!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/ftth-conference-2017s-event-report-online!?news_id=3773 2017-03-13 Check out the post event report of the FTTH Conference 2017, held on 14-16 February 2017 in Marseille, France.

The 14th edition of the FTTH Conference was a resounding success! Marseille, as one of the most attractive French cities, confirmed to be a great destination to welcome the FTTH Conference 2017, attracting roughly 3,000 participants from 96 countries. This year, 120 exhibitors and partners hosted the event, which included over 100 high-level presentations and cases studies from more than 155 distinguished speakers.
For more information, please check out the FTTH Conference post-event report

<![CDATA[Austria & Serbia join the Global FTTH Ranking]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/austria-serbia-join-the-global-ftth-ranking?news_id=3765 2017-02-15 Check out our updated global market panorama & ranking at end-September 2016, unveiled today at the FTTH Conference 2017 in Marseille.

<![CDATA[One week to go before the FTTH Conference!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/one-week-to-go-before-the-ftth-conference!?news_id=3764 2017-02-08 The largest fibre to the home-related event in the world is only a week away! 

The FTTH Conference will be held in Marseille, France on 14-16 February 2017, under the high patronage of Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic, and the patronages of the City of Marseille and the French Digital Agency.

Combining a high-level conference with a leading edge exhibition and unparalleled networking opportunities, the FTTH Conference is the largest FTTH-focused event in the world, gathering over 3,000 participants during its last five editions.

Under the theme “Together, building a brighter future”, attendees will have the opportunity to exchange about hot FTTH-related topics concerning financing, deployment, marketing and services, as well as looking at the state of the market in Europe and inspiring case studies. Lively discussions on creating a Gigabit Society and latest digital technology innovations will also be at the heart of this 14th edition of the FTTH Conference.

Do not miss out on the unique opportunity to learn more about fibre as well as the broadband policy in France!

Register now for the FTTH Conference 2017 through our online registration system: