FTTH Council Europe! RSS Feed of FTTH Council Europe http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu <![CDATA[Latest FTTH forecast and panorama in Europe!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/latest-ftth-forecast-and-panorama-in-europe!?news_id=3767 2017-02-23 An overview of the FTTH Market Forecast 2016-2019 from Graham Finnie as well as the FTTH market panorama at end-Sept 2016 prepared by IDATE is available here.

Both studies were presented at the FTTH Conference 2017, that was held on 14-16 February in Marseille, France.

<![CDATA[Costs for a fibre based Gigabit Society!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/costs-for-a-fibre-based-gigabit-society!?news_id=3766 2017-02-16 The FTTH Council Europe made public the first results of its cost study on deploying FTTH throughout EU! Check it out there!

<![CDATA[Austria & Serbia join the Global FTTH Ranking]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/austria-serbia-join-the-global-ftth-ranking?news_id=3765 2017-02-15 Check out our updated global market panorama & ranking at end-September 2016, unveiled today at the FTTH Conference 2017 in Marseille.

<![CDATA[One week to go before the FTTH Conference!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/one-week-to-go-before-the-ftth-conference!?news_id=3764 2017-02-08 The largest fibre to the home-related event in the world is only a week away! 

The FTTH Conference will be held in Marseille, France on 14-16 February 2017, under the high patronage of Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic, and the patronages of the City of Marseille and the French Digital Agency.

Combining a high-level conference with a leading edge exhibition and unparalleled networking opportunities, the FTTH Conference is the largest FTTH-focused event in the world, gathering over 3,000 participants during its last five editions.

Under the theme “Together, building a brighter future”, attendees will have the opportunity to exchange about hot FTTH-related topics concerning financing, deployment, marketing and services, as well as looking at the state of the market in Europe and inspiring case studies. Lively discussions on creating a Gigabit Society and latest digital technology innovations will also be at the heart of this 14th edition of the FTTH Conference.

Do not miss out on the unique opportunity to learn more about fibre as well as the broadband policy in France!

Register now for the FTTH Conference 2017 through our online registration system:


<![CDATA[Cost Study: Deploying FTTH throughout EU]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/cost-study-deploying-ftth-throughout-eu?news_id=3763 2017-01-25 The FTTH Council Europe today made public the first results of its updated study on the cost of deploying FTTH throughout the EU.

The cost model calculated the complete overlay of the EU28 countries with fibre (Fibre to the Home) in a greenfield scenario. The cost includes 100% homes passed and 50% connected. Accounting for the already existing fibre coverage and connections (approx. 30% and 10% respectively) the model shows that the outstanding costs of full fibre coverage in the EU are €156 billion.

‘Our model was developed by COMSOF who are network designers and cost modelling experts. I don’t wish to understate the challenge that Europe faces or the size of the investment that will be needed but the challenge should not be overstated either. These cost estimates show that FTTH is achievable throughout the EU.’ said Erzsebet Fitori, Director General of the FTTH Council Europe.  

 For more information, visit the links below.

<![CDATA[Registrations are open for Fibration Night!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/registrations-are-open-for-fibration-night!?news_id=3762 2017-01-11 Participate in the evening party held during the FTTH Conference! Members can benefit from a reduced ticket.

Will you be attending the FTTH Conference 2017 in Marseille? Following the tremendous success of its first edition in Luxembourg, Fibration Night, an evening party held during the FTTH Conference, is back again this year! On Wednesday 15 February, all delegates and participants are invited to meet to enjoy drinks and dinner in the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille.

Members can register using a discount code to benefit from a reduced fee ticket (see News in Member Area). Please make sure to use this code as no refund is possible.

For more information on Fibration Night, please visit here. You can register here or follow the link below. Do not wait, first come, first serve!

<![CDATA[FTTH Conference 2017: High Patronage]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/ftth-conference-2017-high-patronage?news_id=3760 2016-12-19 The FTTH Conference 2017 has received the high patronage of Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic.

The FTTH Council Europe is pleased to announce that the FTTH Conference 2017, which will take place from 14 to 16 February 2017 in Marseille, France, has received the high patronage of Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic.

This high patronage shows the support of the French Presidency to the largest FTTH-focused event in the world. In France, policy makers have been strong FTTH advocates in the last few years, including the national government with its “France Très Haut Débit” plan and local authorities, also heavily involved in fibre rollout. The "French model", and feedback from local fibre projects, both public and private, should be of great interest to project leaders and international investors.

 The FTTH Conference will also be held under the patronage of the City of Marseille.

<![CDATA[Welcome to the new Broadband Fund!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/welcome-to-the-new-broadband-fund!?news_id=3759 2016-12-12  The FTTH Council Europe applauds the establishment of the new fund with the aim of fostering
very high-capacity broadband infrastructure deployment throughout Europe.

The FTTH Council Europe applauds the establishment of the new fund with the aim of fostering
very high-capacity broadband infrastructure deployment throughout Europe. We urge the fund
to invest in future-proof fibre-based networks in the long-term interest of European citizens and
businesses. The Connecting Europe Broadband Fund will be especially important for supporting
smaller, local fibre projects that have a tremendous role in ensuring that all communities are part
of the Gigabit Society.

<![CDATA[Open letter to the Telecoms Ministers of the EU]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/open-letter-to-the-telecoms-ministers-of-the-eu?news_id=3758 2016-12-02 FTTH CE has issued an open letter to the Telecoms Ministers in the context of the TTE meeting today.

As Telecom Ministers of the European Union gather to discuss the EECC at the TTE Council Meeting today, the FTTH Council Europe shares its views on the EECC legislative proposal and the associated Gigabit Society Communication.

You can download our open letter through the link below.

<![CDATA[Last chance to choose your FTTH champion!]]> http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/last-chance-to-choose-your-ftth-champion!?news_id=3757 2016-11-28 Only a few days left to nominate your FTTH champion for the FTTH Award.

The FTTH Council Europe will give this prestigious award to an individual and an operator that have delivered outstanding performances on FTTH adoption in Europe. The winners will be presented at the FTTH Conference 2017 to be held on 14-16 February in Marseille, France.

Nominations for the FTTH Award 2017 are open to everyone and can be made anonymously online until 30 November 2016 here]]>